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Oil & Gas Applications

Real-Time Analysis

Field portable instrument for a real-time analysis of drill cuttings

Drill Cutting

The Massbox identifies what units are drilled while also monitoring where the organics are concentrated

Optimize completion engineering and future well placement

Better Economic modeling based on completion projections

Lab Analysis

Use in labs for core and cuttings analysis for completion optimization

Insert solid samples

(e.g. drill cuttings) into the Massbox

Break Down Samples

We remove nanograms of sample to break off individual molecules and atoms



We use a new method of ionization to allow analysis of both the organics and inorganics


The resulting ions are separated and counted. These counts are used to determine how much of each element or compound is present


The Exum Massbox is a relatively low-cost instrument comparable to desktop LIBS, LIMS and XRF while delivering far superior data and ability. The simplicity of design allows us the produce and sell a high-quality instrument at a fraction of the cost of a typical LA-ICP-MS system. The Massbox provides industries with high-precision, low-sensitivity data for both inorganic and organic analysis.

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Three Ways to Get Data Now

  • Sample Analysis Service
  • Instrument Leasing
  • Instrument Acquisition

Get Updates, Product Info, & Exum News Delivered to Your Inbox!

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Jeff Williams

Jeff has years of experience in analytical chemistry and instrument design. This experience lead to a strong sense that the instruments used in today's labs are fundamentally the same as they were 20 years ago. Because of this, Jeff formed Exum Instruments with a focus on user experience, instrument capability and lowering costs.

Stephen Strickland

Steve focuses on building the revenue systems and business development to ensure that Exum provides the most value at the lowest cost for our customers.

Neal Wostbrock

Neal is our head of engineering, bringing years of experience to develop a clean, robust and easy to your instrument for our customers. Neals focus is designing a system that runs day in and day out with no issues.

Oleg Maltsev

Oleg is our head of electrical and software engineering ensuring that our system is a breeze for users of any experience while creating a system which has all of the functionality our customers expect.